Only Normal People Want To Be Weird

And please quote me on that.

Because I am right.

I don't have any tattoos or a trendy haircut or anything.

I wish I could actually fit in, figure it all out.

Because I was born alienated. It's not an affectation.

There's a million prospective accountants running away from their fate and I am jealous.

Here I am, thirty-five years old, intelligent, no career prospects, no romantic prospects, no home-ownership prospects, no nothing-prospects, and instead of going to bed early, trying to do something, trying to be something, I am obsessing.

I had superlative SAT scores, a year's worth of AP college credits, time at CTY, everything, and yet, here I am, resume-less, degree-less, career-less, future-less, everything-less, trying to figure out why the chord change that occurs at around 1:35 in this track is a thousand levels above my intelligence.

And all I want is for you to be, just for a moment, obsessed too. I am alright with being alone, but not alright with being unique. I hope you get it, even in your solitude, a solitude that I hope is not as permanent as mine.


A Small, Quiet Thought, Possibly Incorrect

If anything characterizes a civilization or a society as decadent, surely it is this: it feels immature to be principled.


"They Still Haven't Figured It Out"

I don't know much about what happened in Chicago and the Trump rally and all of that. Someone showed me a video of it at work.

I think I was supposed to be all excited that Sanders supporters were protesting Trump's "fascism" or whatever.

But what I really saw was a lot of people who have suffered the most from decades of "failed" economic policies fighting amongst themselves.

And what I imagined was many wealthy people somewhere sighing with relief: "they still haven't figured it out".


If I move Back To New York

It's only because.


As a 35-year-old single Marxist-Jewish-Catholic lover of Freestyle music, where else could I possible go?


I don't know how to drive.


Oh, also,