False Start

At the turn of the millennium, every writer I "knew" via the internet was complaining about the decrease in the amount of space available to them at their respective periodicals (a problem which has only gotten worse).  "Blogging" was seen as the antidote.  A few years later, it has become apparent that, rather than allowing writers to truly open up and publish long, deep, critical pieces that would be unmarketable in the world of "old media", online publishing has actually engendered mostly laziness and the publishing of half-ideas and half-thoughts.  

My resolution for this writing collection was to only publish real essays.  As I have worked towards this goal, I have found myself suddenly sympathizing with the writers I (mis)identified as lazy above.  It IS worthwhile to have a scratchpad, to take all of the small and medium ideas that will eventually become larger ones and write about them, publish them, and gain feedback. So, until my 20 million word book called The Problem With Music Is Not Music is published sometime before the year 2060, I will, for better or worse, follow my fellow online writers down the road of short posts, and also remind them that, like me, they should at least feel a little guilty sometimes.  

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