(And) I would hate to seem to reduce the concerns of my writing down the merely selfish ones, but, here I am, in my late twenties, still interested in making a great record, in DJing, in doing all the things that follow from having been turned on to techno and house, my punk music, way back in my very early teens, and yet, the assumed sense that I had for so many years, that participating in this culture had ramifications beyond my own self, is something that I have believed less and less as the decade has worn on. 

While this need for "something more" could be seen as me covering my ass, not wasting the benefits of my middle-class upbringing and education "messing around" with music when I could be doing something "more constructive", I would rather try and figure out why it is now me, not my parents or some outdated notion of society filled with men in grey flannel suits, that is so unsure.  

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