Thai In Styrofoam

A lot of my best ideas lately have been coming to me while walking and have not survived the train trip home. I am tempted to get some sort of portable recording device but somehow I feel like I don't want to be that guy talking about the End Times with a weird look in his eye while surrounded by the wealthy, beautiful people of (insert Manhattan neighborhood). Don't know why I have a problem with that. Actually, it sounds sort of great (I don't think I'll ever have any friends in Soho anyways). In fact, there are enough of them/us in New York that, with a little coordination (and perhaps a more generous welfare system) we could probably sustain our own bar.

Someday I may remember and write the recently-composed-in-my-head essay entitled "The People Jogging Along The Hudson Are Right", but until then, I give you the only fragment that survives:

... a condo in Battery Park with a view of Hoboken or at least a condo in Hoboken with a view of Battery Park...

... more actual "content" before the end of the year I hope/think/promise...

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