World Cup Personal Progress

Eh so I haven't gotten to see as many games as I expected. What kind of country is this where people have to go to work when there is a World Cup being played?
1. I didn't get to see any Eastern European teams play, but from the results, none of them seemed to be the passionate young usptarts able to sneak their way into the quarterfinals that I was looking for. Oh well. Is Ghana any good? I hate to conflate the incredible diversity of an entire continent, and I have no idea what people in Ghana think of South Africans, or vice versa, but an African team made it into the knockout stage of the first tournament held in Africa, so I will cheer for them in the place of South Africa. Sorry USA.
2. Still haven't seen my favorite European team, the Netherlands, at all, so I have no idea if they are coasting through a relatively easy Group (seems that way) or are playing excellent football/soccer, or both. I probably won't get to see them play in the next round either.
3. US won a group, huh. England is lucky they didn't have a second-tier South American team to contend with.
I am really looking forward to this weekend and catching back up with all of this. And drinking at 10am.
Edit: Looks like I missed an exciting match. This is why I need to watch most of the games at Euro 2012. If Slovakia could beat Italy, was their tie to New Zealand a fluke? Should I get excited? I'll see I hope...

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