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It's just like they think that "we" are being really unrealistic and just wanting everything to be fixed, like, now, and, it's more like, can you even just try and be an advocate for the people who elected you instead of embarased?
(Edit: And of course "the people who elected you" could easily just be not-Left as Left so this is really a rabbit hole. I just really want nationalized health care and even if I can't expect to have it any time I just get all pissy when the debate gets closed for the sake of political expediency. Again: compromise on the path towards a larger goal > "this is the last time this can be discussed for another decade or two so that Democrats can win". Of course what am I saying? I have read way too much Marx to get involved in this. It is ALL bullshit.)
And of course this is putting aside all the international shit. It's really an interesting contrast.
Domestic policy: I keep thinking try harder, things can be better than this, as if he were on my side. And then I think...
International Policy: Who the fuck are you? What the FUCK are you doing? Why did I even get roped into caring what people think of you or what you think of them?
I am just going to start assuming that all of this "left is nutz" bullshit is just bait and ignore it.
Will I have the resolve?
Also I didn't partake last time I was offered - just had a lyric in my brain.

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