Good Songs Ruined By Good Movies

1. Born Slippy/NUXX - I don't think I would actually play this out even without the movie connection - it's just not "my" Underworld track and never has been.

2. Goodbye Horses - Jonathan Demme owes me an apology (not really - I heard this first in the damn movie too). Nice, dark, track that still sounds a lot more like what I always wanted Goth to sound like than Goth ever did. I wonder if it really is too late or if constant play at a weekly residency might reclaim it for some moody, druggy, subterranean dancefloor somewhere. It may help if somehow Silence of the Lambs becomes a cult movie. People aged 21 were zero or one when the film came out. Fuck! Getting older is going to be interesting!

Forgive me: I'd play this. I'd play this hard. See, even I can't help it!

3. Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix) - Another one form Trainspotting. It may help that this was a huge record before the film came out. I might get a copy.

4. I can't think of more now, but I'm sure you can. Post your comments and I'll add your choices.


W. Kasper said...

Pearl's Girl is the Underworld track for me. They used it as the theme to some stoopid TV show here, about a 'rogue' psychiatrist (!) but luckily it flopped and only lasted one for one series. The tune remained largely untainted, although Underworld tend to play behind sports results a fair bit.

:-p said...

You bring up an interesting contrast between the US and the UK. I remember going over there around a decade ago and hearing an Underground Resistance track being used as background music during a BBC 1 show and just totally being blown away because I didn't even know anyone who knew that record in the flesh back here in the USA (except for the employees of the record store where I bought that particular UR release).

But there is another side of it too. Hearing cricket results as "MMM Skyscraper I Love You" is on in the background must be weird...

+1 on Pearl's Girl. Juanita too. I can listen to "Dubno..." much more easily as an album but "Second Toughest..." has my favorite tracks.

W. Kasper said...

Was it Jupiter Jazz or Hi-tech Jazz by UR? They were pretty popular for a while. Think I may have heard both on TV anyway.

:-p said...

It was "Jaguar".

W. Kasper said...

Ah now I remember - I always mistake that one for Jeff Mills solo. They love that stuff for footy results (probably a reflection of what media dogsbodies do with their leisure time).

I remember not feeling that 'alternative' when they started playing Jungle on BBC consumer rights shows.