It wasn't that bad

I don't want to make light of Irene as people did get hurt. But for me, it was nothing. Now I have a lot of bottled water and nothing to do with it but drink. I didn't go nuts stocking up. The aforementioned water. A bit of canned pasta. Smokes. That's it. After being one of the last neighborhoods to get plowed during the blizzard (wealthier neighborhoods had priority), it was nice to see a more equal-opportunity storm. South Brooklyn was hit hard. But so was southern Manhattan. And the suburbs. The Hamptons. Westchester. I spent Saturday morning getting my provisions and then went record shopping. Priorities, you know?

Today was anticlimax.

Still, I hope my East Coast readers are all safe and secure.

Highlights from record shopping:


David K Wayne said...

Glad to hear it wasn't as disastrous as the hype predicted. However, it was disgraceful how Bloomberg didn't grant prisoners any means of evacuation - seems too many lessons of Katrina were deliberately ignored.

:-p said...

I thought the lesson of Katrina was that nobody cared about prisoners and that politicians could get away with letting them die without serious consequences?

The storm itself certainly wasn't that bad, but the flooding has been really destructive. I was surprised at how bad off New England was. I expected that a lot of the energy of the storm would have dissipated by the time it reached, say, Vermont.