Not and Nuts

Of course the Skrillex track sucks. Of course. It's not the extremity or even silliness of the sounds but the way they are deployed and arranged. It's intense like a war movie not like war. But I found myself at the RA forums reading (mistake one!) and I still stand by the idea that "the opposition" is bullshit. Everyone there taking great pains to say how they either used to or never listened to crap but, regardless, they have been saved by X. Whereas X is usually something tepid and overrated. Whereas the Skrillex track below is overloaded, filled with every effect that producer can muster, your typical "I like real music" record nowadays is completely bereft of ideas. Berghain Techno. Detroit House. It's all pretty horrible. Boring drum patterns. Flat textures. I don't even know what's going in the world of micro/minimal. Last I checked, as mentioned here a few years ago, it just sounded like prog for "edgier" people.

I'm starting to think that DJing is done. Or maybe it's just that I'm done with it. I am totally losing the desire, never mind to proselytize, to share. Perhaps this is just the end result of spending all my time in an insular scene. But I don't want to play my best records. I don't want them to be available to the maw. The endless mouth digging for food and chewing and spitting out as soon as it is found. It's a weird situation for a sometime-DJ to be in. I just can't help feeling that the same records that once may have galvanized the collective now break it into ever-smaller pieces. I may have the facts wrong but I think the feeling is right.

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