Don't Even Bother Reading This One

I just want to say, for no reason, apropos of nothing, to nobody in particular, that the layering of water on top of snow on top of ice on top of pavement is particularly unpleasant.

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Greyhoos said...

My last tow winters in Chicago (2009 & '10), were like that. Unusually long winters, Snow storm, warm-up w/ meltage, followed by a temp plunge & hard freeze, repeat thrice over in the span of a month, multiply the number of months by 5, and expect that you'll still be reaching for a sweater on July 4th. ERs and auto shops had a backlog of busyness, due to huge uptick in broken bones (from sidewalk hazardry) and car getting all fucked up from the craterous potholes all over town. The 2nd of the two being so harsh that it did in the set of snowboots that had easily survived 8 previous winters.

Step firmly & fare thee well.