WC2014 Day Three: Italy vs. England, etc.

Not much to say regarding Columbia's victory over Greece, nor Costa Rica's victory over Uruguay. Because of the latter result, Group D will be more interesting. That's the gist of anything else you'll read about that game.

As for the big one, well. The first half was good. I was excited about the energy coming from England's younger attacking players, especially Sturridge and Sterling, and Wayne Rooney's assist was especially elegant. That begin said, I didn't find it an especially involving match after the initial two goals, and the second half, for all the near-misses on the part of England… well, that's the thing… were they really all that near? I would have rather seen England forcing the opposing keeper to make a save, even an easy one, rather than the litany of shots well over or well wide of goal. Ultimately, it was a confident and patient match by two teams that expect to make it out of group, and who, by the end, seemed to just want to make it out of the heat even more.

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