Music Music 3

Moar 4 Yew


Well, this one... The Byrds are, like, overrated by the people who make music I don't like and underrated by the people who make music I like. Hmm.

Another HOUSE masterpiece, one of those divisive records, the ones whereby, if you like, you are down, if not, well, not... Summarizes so much for me...

I never really got into Erykah but I always feel like I should have.  I guess it's not too late but every time I try, I am not surprised. This track, though, as pop more than art, really connected with me when it was released...

Amusingly enough, I came up with another one that is so obscure there there is actually no Youtube video. What do I do now?

Whoa how could I post that Badu track and then not post this?

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