Single Of The Year?

And possibly, the decade, so far, at least for me (and the "official" release was only on 12/30/14, so forgive me if I am being a bit loose with "year" above).

I was a total Tri Angle obsessive a few years ago, so, so, it's amazing that this song escaped me upon it's original release, but, actually, not really. I'm glad I bought that Balam Acab LP instead. Snake RMX FTW btchz!


If it's not true, then please, please, send me other ideas, because I have no idea what's going on out there. I just know this blows my mind. And I also feel vaguely disappointed. Not in terms of DJ Snake, but in terms of. 

I want to get back into DJing. Why can't the underground make records like this anymore? What are the other thirty records I need to play along with this one in a set? Last time I checked, underground house and techno were still stuck in the whole "some era in the past was always better and I only use analog synths" bullshit. Or "chords and convictions are so mainstream" bullshit. Dark and digital and emotive, that's what I want. I'm getting my turntables back from repair this week. Tell me where to start looking.

I'm guessing that none of the tracks you will suggest, just like this one I love so much, will be available on vinyl. Time to get over myself and physical media?


(Oh and yeah, MK organs and vocal snippets but don't front like it's a 1990s record, for fuck's sake)


Anonymous said...

sound pretty mediocre to me

:-p said...

That's a shame, but then again, maybe you are out there finding joy in something else, so maybe not a shame at all.