Star Wars: The Return Of The Return Of The Jedi

I started to write, and may get around to completing, a review of Episode 7. I want to see it one more time to make sure that my reaction was at least somewhat objective but I just had to post a link to this even if a million other people have.

Lucas put his foot in his mouth more than a bit with the "slavers" reference, but, besides that, all-in-all, a fairly sound precis of the new film. Read the comments if you want to see grown adults acting as if their pacifiers have been removed prematurely.

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d.mantis said...

Its obvious the man had a blind spot for what made his creation such a cultural icon. Yet it is extremely amusing that he would critique the new movie that is attempting to heal some of those wounds.

Of course Disney did take the shrewd and obvious route and gave the fans what they wanted which was a 2 hour long tribute to "A New Hope." But for all his faults, JJ Abrams was able to insert 2 new primary characters that showed more growth in a single movie then all of Lucas's characters did in 6.

My conclusion is that the new film was nothing more than a well-executed therapy session for all those bat-shit crazy star wars fans; a way to cleanse their pallets of the many missteps executed by the franchise's creator.