I sound like a kid but two wrongs

I've recently reached a point where all the shitty things people do because they aren't Donald Trump are now pissing me off more than the shitty things Donald Trump does. At least Donald Trump doesn't serve his shit with a side of moral superiority. Even he's not dumb enough to think he's a good person, but his detractors are dumb enough to think this of themselves.


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Mongo, At The Moment said...

It's the Murdoch Business Model, a Public Vomatorium: The Leader, constantly spewing rancid shit into the world, telling everyone that it's food, it's good, it's True. Followers of The Leader lap up what he's vomited and feel stronger, empowered. They vomit the same rancid crap into the world. A never-ending cycle, and we have to live in it.