I Don't Have Twitter Pt. x of x

Why does Google ask me to justify my decision to dismiss ads? I'm not even complaining about the ads themselves (gmail is free, after all). I'm not even leading towards some sort of complaint about Corporate or self-pity at My Complicity (cheers!). Just, what, I can'd delete them without having to answer to someone? As if I am being abnormal somehow? Even ads that are relevant don't need to persist past the point of "data internalization", do they? I mean, even if the ad is "your favorite band is releasing a new record!!!" I'd be "yay". And then what, keep the ad? Until the 10th anniversary reissue? The 20th anniversary reissue? The super-deluxe 25th anniversary bonus track reissue? Do I still need to know that the album is going to come out then?

This is why I don't have twitter btw.

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