"Cynical", "Cowardly" and "Unimaginative"


I think my feelings on it are thus:
Being a big supporter of Euro-style soccer, ie those games where, to use an overused comment, soccer is really like chess, with an observable and verifiable strategy, I really felt yesterday's game was the ass end of that. The bad side of intellectualism. Calculated. Passionless. Tedious.

I never thought I would say this, but at least there was something entertaining, if infuriating, about the constant Italian dives four years ago. At least I had the opportunity to scream at the television set four years ago (and I was at work behind the bar at a nice place - I was wearing a vest AND an apron!) whereas I think I was mostly incredulous during this past game. Was that really the final? Of what?

Due to the boring overtime, which finally provided the opportunity for what seemed a pointless goal after so many minutes, I missed my bus back from Washington, DC. I took the train instead. Spain, Netherlands, you owe me $160 (or 1/3rd of all the money I had yesterday).


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