R O 16 P 3

The quarterfinals are upon us, so here are the last few thoughts rattling around my brain in regards to the World Cup. I think I came up with a few jokes a few days ago but sadly they have all gone missing from my brain cells.

First off, I obviously didn't get to see the last games of the round in question.
As far as I can tell, no real surprises. Maybe some more flubbed calls? Who knows. I rarely watch the highlights of games because they are so lacking in the whole-game context that makes soccer so enjoyable to watch.

Netherlands vs. Slovakia would have been an interesting game to watch given my penchant for the Netherlands but also "eastern European upstarts." I guess it was a win-win that I didn't have to think about, though I am sorry I didn't get to see it.

Brazil won.

Secondhand reports say that both teams played rather timidly, but I would have still enjoyed watching Paraguay and Japan go to penalty kicks. It doesn't happen enough. Congrats to Japan for making it that far.

Spain vs. Portugal is a game I don't have anything to say about.

I was going to write a list describing the relative amount of frustration I would experience should certain teams win, but all I can say is that another Brazilian victory would just be boring to me unless the final game is truly one of the best I have ever seen. Really, I don't have much of an issue with most of the other teams. I would normally include Germany with Brazil, but they are younger, more diverse, and, from what I hear, playing in a different style than they used to. I want to see for myself!

So this is a boring entry but at least provides a sense of resolution. Maybe to you too.

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