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Sometimes I forget how blinkered psychology is as a discipline.

I guess since the perspective of the article consists of raising the question of whether "the period between 20-30 is truly a new developmental chapter in human life?", the lack of detailed social and political analysis can be explained away as not part of the scope of the article. Except, of course, if one actually wants to answer that question, one has to include that analysis.

I have a lot to say about this matter, being almost thirty and having failed to find my place in the world thus far, but, if I do write on this, I would, of course, include detailed social and political analysis. So you might have to wait a bit.

But to start:

1. Articles like this always amuse me. They are the "lifestyle" version of American Exceptionalism.

2. While I would assert that young people are failing to "grow up" because of social and political reasons, I would not assert that young people are failing to "grow up" for social and political reasons. Which is why I feel so lonely in "bohemian" Brooklyn.

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