... I Went

So this ended up being great.
I don't have much to add as Ebert summed up the most important aspect of it perfectly when we wrote "I've rarely seen a documentary quite like it. It has a point to make but no ax to grind."
While there are certainly notable exceptions, most of the best art and literature that tries to deal in social and political relations is of this type. Instead of supporting a cause, which risks not only alienating those who are not part of it, but also engendering complacency amongst the supporters, better to show as calmly as possible why the cause should exist in the first place.
What good would it have been to make a movie towards "Christer-baiting"? "They" would hate "us" even more and "we"* would deserve it.
* I don't drink Lattes but I have lived my entire life between DC and Boston. DC is actually the furthest South and the furthest West (!) I have ever lived.

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