Cheesy Fuck


Anyways, I moved to Brooklyn in the middle of 2008. I had a pair of turntables, a mixer and a pair of speakers. After lots of trials and tribulations, including having to sell the speakers, breaking a tonearm, having a power supply crap out on me, and numerous other issues, half of which involved me carrying my precious turntables onto a bus to ride half an hour only to walk half a mile to the repair shop, finally, today, everything works. I have two working 'tables, a working mixer, speakers, clean needles, a place to put all my records, and a surface on which to place them. It's been a struggle.

Anyways (again with that word!), after all the years of buying records, all the listening, all the ordering, all the traveling, the developed tastes, etc., and, after all hardships of getting things back up and running, what, dear reader(s), did I put on to test the system with and listen to all the way through? What was the first after all that tension? Here it is. I told you. Cheesy fuck I am. And proud of it.

EDIT: Holy fuck I don't even know any of my records. No DJ gigs for another few months.

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