Good Film News

(1) - Amidst the inspiring actions in the Middle Easy and my own solipsistic solitude, I missed a bit of minor news - apparently, Criterion has partnered with Hulu and eventually a huge portion, if not all, of the Criterion collection will be available for streaming. This might be enough to get me to actually get a TV and one of the many BluRay players that streams Hulu. Selling out? Yes, but with a caveat: Antonioni.

(2) - Criterion just released Senso, a Visconti film that is supposed to be spectacular. I am by no means a film expert; most of my love of Italian cinema, the best national cinema (sorry Godard fans), comes from two sources, Robert Philip Kolker's book The Altering Eye and Martin Scorsese's film My Voyage to Italy. Both of these sources have had me waiting for years, maybe even a decade, for this important piece of the puzzle to finally be available. A teaser from Scorsese's film:

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