There is no last straw, is there? It's just a bit disingenuous to bitch, isn't it? At this point, I'm just entertained. What's next? Please elect a Republican, America. I prefer their hallucinations to Obama's inspid paternalistic hypocrisy.


ergo said...

well i plan on doing my part by filling out an absentee ballot for the zombie lucy parsons/emma goldman ticket, while also scribbling randolph bourne proverbs in the margins and writing bad anti-imperialist poetry in the shape and color of the american flag in the background. with any luck it will be voided, which seems appropriate given that the most i can hope for is that it passes through the disconnected gaze of a well-meaning poll worker before vanishing into oblivion.

ergo said...

hmmmm... that looks sarcastic but i actually am probably going to do that. i don't understand the mentality that has no last straw. i mean how much bad policy can one person tolerate solely due to the (d) after their name?

:-p said...

Apparently, a whole hell of a lot. In a weird way, I am starting to admire the creativity of the Obama administration. They keep coming up with new and unexpected ways to piss me off!