Accidental Break

I guess I was always a Leftist but there's nothing better to turn abstract concepts into hardened beliefs than direct experience. Reading Rousseau in bed in high school not particularly worried about food was a bit different than trying to fit reading a similar work around less free time, less energy, less mental space for contemplation, etc. I was 16 and I think I can be forgiven somewhat for the distance that existed in my head between thought and action. But what about those who are no longer teenagers but who still have so many of the aforementioned benefits of my youth? Is it inevitable that only personal suffering will turn predilection to conviction?

As for me, work sucks, my apartment sucks, I have no money, and I am tired. I haven't been here to lament human misery towards political ends. I'm just livin' it right now. Well, sort of. I have a job. I have a home. There are certainly billions worse off than I am. Let's just say there are two types of torture. The worst happening and the constant reminder that it could happen at any moment. In my case it is not paranoia.

I still haven't gone down to OWS. I feel like a hypocrite. You should read Disaster Notes on the specter of hierarchy that is currently haunting the still-legitimate movement. One and Two.

Until sometime in the future...

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Pied Cow said...

Don't feel hypocritical about not having gone to OWS. Going to this or that event has nothing to do with where your sympathies lie.