Ones and Twos

I played some records last night as part of a belated birthday celebration for myself which managed to draw all of one friend besides the two who regularly DJ that particular night and were nice enough to hand a few hours off to me. All of you who know me personally and don't actually live in New York were not expected to come, of course.

I played well. I played badly. I played a lot of records I wanted to hear and wanted others to hear and I didn't always think about my selections in terms of what would actually be good to mix (it was just a bar, you know?). More than a few mixes involved some speed changes that were pretty unacceptable outside of the context of a handful of inebriated people hanging out at the end of the night. Here's the track list. Mixes are mostly not listed - just check the links...

(Friend #1 plays, then)

Set One:
1. Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It
2. Fingers Inc. - Mystery Of Love
3. Projekt:PM - Deeper In The Tones
4. Nagual - I Feel The Rhythm
5. Cassio - Paradise
6. Jon Cutler - Don't Move
7. NY's Finest- Do You Feel Me
8. Jomanda - Got A Love For You
9. Darryl Pandy - I Love Music
10. Mod Wheel - The Way
12. Sweet Exorcist - Testone
13. Virgo - Ride
14. Convextion - AA

(Friend #2 plays, then)

Set Two:
15. Jamie Principle - Bad Boy
16. ESP - It's You
17. Joe Smooth - I'll Be There
18. JM Silk - Music Is The Key
19. Octave One - Blackwater (NB video is not the exact mix I played but closest)
20. Model 500 - Starlight
21. Psyche - From Beyond
22. Jam & Spoon - Stella
23. Jacques Greene - Another Girl
24. Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshie Tomiie - Tears
25. New Order- Thieves Like Us

(random messing around, some other records not from my bag, then)

Last Record:
26. Bizzarre Inc - Playing With Knives

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