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Few comments. I just like to dance, dammit!

Eddie Kendricks "Girl, You Need A Change Of Mind" Dave McSparran

Don't know much about the drummer - just going by what AMG says. Nevertheless, nothing special technically, but the feel, the feel, the increase in tempo, the switch to four-on-top... just breathtaking. If you are familiar with the cannons of underground disco and house music, you know this one. It's a favorite of the most influential American DJs ever. Mancuso, Levan, Hardy. Probably Knuckles Siano, Krivit, whoever else, too. I don't know if this record ever made it out of that scene, though. Can't imagine why not. Top 5 soul music track of all time, for sure. Stop not believing me and try moving along. I like Marvin, Stevie, too. But. Speaking of...

Stevie Wonder "As" Greg Brown

Just more great feel here. I really like the way the drummer alternately pushes and follows the music towards greater levels of intensity without ever getting too dominant. Each fill takes things a little higher, but the compulsion to hit too hard is mostly restrained. It's still a ballad, after all, and one by Stevie at that.

Curtis Mayfield "(Don't Worry) If There's Hell Below, We're All Going To Go" Don Simmons

Again, going by AMG here. I believe my copy just lists the musicians and not their roles... Surprised I like this record? Kidding, of course. Almost went for "Move On Up", but the interaction between the bass and the bass drum is really nice here. That little flurry of syncopation on the kick at the end of the bass phrase before the "one" comes around... drives the song forward and gives it the attitude.


Greyhoos said...


That Kendricks cut has long been a favorite of mine -- the full version, the suite-like way it moves and builds. (Shame about the recent D'angelo cover.)

As for the Mayfield: Heard the instrumental rehearsal take that turned up on the "Funk Drops 2" comp some years ago? Worth a listen, if only to hear how the band handles the arrangement.

Greyhoos said...
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:-p said...

I'll look for it... it might be the same version that turned up as a bonus track on the Rhino CD reissue. There's also a great demo version of "Little Child" called "Ghetto Child" on the disc. Just see above, actually. It's my website, I can do what I want!