Music On The Internet

Is like your date vomiting in your food the first time you've gone out together before dessert has even arrived. All arousal is anticipatory and rarely fulfilled without a strenuous amount of disassociation or desperation (ok I'm really not that judgmental of individual folly - but people in general - a bit of a jerk, yes).

To quote the standard, "in a restless world, like this is, love has ended before it's begun". I watched some concert videos of GOAT in action in anticipating possibly taking a semi-vacation to New York or DC in April and including one of their shows in my plans, but was sorely disappointed. Fuck the Internet. 

There's this guy who reviews records on Youtube. He wears big glasses and reviews a lot of current indie stuff. Normally, I don't, but I did. He made a good point - something to the effect of, if this band is all about ecstatic release, can't they even jam out? Most of the tracks are fairly short. Didn't bug me as a listener to the record. Still doesn't. Will still buy, etc. But watching the concert videos and seeing the songs performed with virtually no improvisation, and not even really quite as well as the versions on the record. Fuck.

Totally undermined the romance, too, knowing that, if taking mushrooms and going around shirtless covered in random paints or liquids, dancing my ass off, is the proper response the music, well, I would be the only one doing it. And I would probably be documented endlessly. That would make a great picture, actually. To take a picture of all the people taking pictures of the one person who actually decided to let themselves go at a concert that seemed to be about letting oneself go, but wasn't. Of course, the picture of the people taking pictures is already a cliche. Maybe a picture of the person taking the picture of the people taking pictures? That would actually be a pretty profound picture.

What is it about the way people are educated? They never seem to take anything literally. It always pissed me off in school. Now, its everywhere.

I used to tell a story.
Back when I was in high school
There was a day when a bunch of us were having lunch after a quiz on American poetry
and Somebody 
asked me who the guy was who wrote about the wild yawp and I said Whitman!
and they said I got it right 
but they didn't

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