If only I had been drinking milk...

... I would have seen it come out my nose.

So yesterday I was on the phone with Apple asking some questions about a piece of software called Logic. Basically, I wanted to upgrade to the new version, and I was trying to confirm that the upgrades they used to sell (now being blown out for cheap on Amazon) were still current. I also wanted to know whether that upgrade came with printed manuals (it is a complex piece of software - I think the manual for it is the longest book I have read, and yes I am familiar with Tolstoy!). I didn't really get the information I was looking for. Not sure if it was because the person I was talking to didn't know or because I had found a way to spend half the money on something that they wanted to sell me. Regardless, I ordered that item at half the price. I am installing now... so we'll see.

When I asked about the manuals, I was told that Apple doesn't print them anymore because they are a "green" company. I would respect that except... aren't they the ones spending all their money convincing everyone to buy new iPhones every year? This is my third version of Logic. Version 7 was returned to them at the store years ago when I upgraded to version 8. Version 9, I can now confirm, at least for the upgrade, does NOT come with manuals. This upgrade process has played itself out over almost five years. I have one set of manuals. Exactly how many iPhones would I have purchased by now had I been an early adopter to that technology (I still don't have one)? And what landfill would those first few iPhones be sitting in now? The only manuals I have gotten are still sitting right on my desk, and they will be for years to come. Until I recycle them.

I don't even know if the above is interesting to read. But yes, I now have Logic on my computer again! And something else to go with it. I might even take a picture. Because today I got something in the mail that really, really made me happy. In fact, in many respects, it was a complex day in my world, and a really, truly difficult one for many people I know. But. I am giddy. GIDDY. When have I used that word in my writing before? Good luck with that search. This is one of those moments when I don't have anyone to talk to so I am talking to you.

Giddy. If I use this thing then I might have a chance of making something of myself. Someday. Perhaps. I still want to keep the expectations low until I have surpassed them.

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