I vaguely remember the 1980s. I went to a fairly liberal private school for elementary school and I remember one year us kids were enlisted to give some sort of presentation on the dangers of nuclear war.

Hard to remember that aspect of the 1980s now.

Jerry Harrison "Worlds In Collision"

The album from which this track comes gets dissed implicitly in Rip It Up And Start Again. Probably rightfully so, but I like this track. Danny Krivit brought a re-edit of this to Dope Jams one night that he was commissioned to do (I think) way back when this album wasn't even out yet. Less vocals, more obtuse funkiness, which is correct. Sadly, I don't think it has seen the light of day outside of Danny's DJ sets.

Pretty Tony "Will We Ever Learn"

My jam of the last few days. I got turned on to it by a close friend and fellow DJ who is just as anonymous to you as I am. Got it last year, finally cleaned it off and put it on recently. Sick.


Greyhoos said...

I don't remember any mention of the Harrison LP in Rip It Up.... But then again, I have the abridged U.S. edition.

Funny thing though, because Simon and I had an exchange on this topic a couple years ago. About how the once-looming threat of mutually-assured nuclear destruction seemed so palpable during the Reagan years, but has faded from public memory. I think he did a blog posts on the topic a little later, citing tunes that were about nuclear war.

I think the reason Simon and I were kicking the topic around was because: Having been in my late teens & early twenties back then, I was prompted to think about it while driving around and listening to a punk show on my local college radio station. They were playing MDC's "Missile Destroyed Civilization," and two thoughts came to mind. (1) A song like that must be completely alien and incomprehensible to anyone born post-"Gen X" -- without context; and (2) MDC really were as musically terrible as I remembered them being.

:-p said...

The comment in question is in the "esoterica" section of the discography IIRC.