Might give something new a shot again.

Granted, the "new" here is relative... the connection with the past is obvious, and gets almost overbearing at times. At least they don't seem to think of post-punk merely as a stylistic trope to take on for impressing their hip peers, but rather employ the past because the sounds gel with the ideas that are actually in their heads now.


Greyhoos said...

I'll be doing likewise. Hadn't heard of them until a few weeks ago, now it seems they're all over the place -- ink- and blahblah-wise.

Red flag: A lot of critics seem to fall back on the same comparisons, citing Wire & Siouxsie & the Banshees. Which (for me) is kinda like hearing that visual artists is inspired by Bacon, Pollock, or Basquiat. Meaning: Styles that were pretty much ends unto themselves, and afterwards can't be drawn from w/o the results looking a bit pathetically limited and derivative. Can't be expanded on.

Yet amidst all the heavy breathing, some comments suggest that there's something surprisingly fresh about this group is doing. Okay. interest piqued. We'll see.

:-p said...

Yeah I just heard of them myself. From Pitchfork of all places. I am certainly hype-wary, but it seems like the hype is something that has happened to them, not something they built themselves towards courting.

The confusing thing about bands on the Internet is that genuine collective admiration and empty marketing actually appear to be the same thing.

Greyhoos said...

> "genuine collective admiration and empty marketing actually appear to be the same thing."

Very well stated, very astute.

Was getting a major case of deja vu with everything I've heard by 'em so far. As is: my initial response is that they are to Siouxsie & the Banshees what Interpol were to Joy Division. But I dunno, some clips suggest that seeing them live might be the better way to go.

:-p said...

Yeah I hope I don't get let down. I'll just say this, assuming, sadly, generally, broadly, "derivative", I'll take angry on top of it over anything else.

eimon said...

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