It's easy to be nostalgic but...

... the 1990s actually sucked. Twentysomethings take notice.

I mean, yeah, I was listening to a lot of electronic music, and it was obvious to me that it was the most important thing out there, and yet, it was really, you know, just one of many options, and unless you spent all of your free time collecting Strictly or Production House vinyl (which is something easy to say in retrospect, but was it really true?), you were subjected to:

Earnest Rootsiness:

Indie-as-bullshit-elitism instead of indie-as-perpetual-alienation/opposition:

(this may be the most cynical and pointless single of the entire decade!)

Arguments about Britpop that didn't include Pulp:


Puff Fucking Daddy:


But the 1990s are cool as shit now, right? If you have moved on from vinyl and cassettes, you might even be embracing CDs now, might even be buying the Archers of Loaf CDs I traded in over a decade ago.

So try these out, just because you really actually, you know, want to be weird, right? Pavement is too obvious... try this shit out... I don't even love... I just feel that the nostalgia is somehow more justified...

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