DC day 1

I wasn't planning on doing any sort of a recording of my trip but since there is at least one person who wants to know...

(This is me on my iPad  - less articulate)

The day started off badly. I have been fighting off allergies and worked very late last night and, consequently, woke up with less than fifty minutes to make my flight. I rescheduled, and spent too much money to do so...

But I did.

Because. This trip had already cost too much money, so I had to spend more.

I took the bus to the airport. I ate a burger there. The bartender showed me a video of himself skydiving in Tennessee. I've never felt compelled but now I do. Fear has destroyed me. Time to overcompensate.

The flight was un eventful. When I got to BWI, and walked outside, even just the smell, home.

Bus to Greenbelt. Green line to Fort Totten. Transfer to Red line, Shady Grove. Van Ness-UDC.

Already overwhelmed. A long walk down Connecticut Avenue to DuPont Circle. Couldn't even remember where Moby Dick's House of Kabobs was, or at least the location in that area. So. Fuck it. M Street to Georgetown. Combo number II. Orgasm. Providence food is a fucking joke.

More walking. Lot's of walking. Chinatown. Searching for cigarettes. Found.

A bar, The Passenger, named after the Iggy song. Named by former coworkers. Two fabulous cocktails, no time to catch up with old friends. Too busy. Good for them.

 More walking. All the way to Adam's Morgan. Fucking Pharmacy Bar. Haven't been since at least 2008. Haven't been a true regular since 2006. Recognized immediately. Six beers eleven dollars. Oh, and great conversation with people I did not know before I walked in. As always. Best bar in the world. Best. Bar. In. The. World. Not. Hyperbole. Even. Given. This. Pretentious. Style. Of. Writing.

Jumbo slice, formnostalgia's sake. Cab. Sleep.

Or almost.


First off, I like being alive again. For a change.

Still a bit hard to parse. I left for a reason. What was it? Thought I could do more. I was right, am right. But does it matter where I am when I do it? Yes. No.

DC not ideal. Brooklyn not ideal. Nowhere I have lived is ideal. Providence is worse. What next?


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