Did I ever get the feeling I've cheated myself?



I found an old essay from the beginning of 2014.

Really short.

Sort of nifty.

An idea or two.

But not the 5,000 words around them that might get me some money. Though probably not. Exactly where would something like "I hate Daft Punk and hate you for liking them too" get published? Here of course. Maybe I'll finish it someday. 

Choice cut:

More obvious: a certain strain of rock-ist ideology posits (implicitly, possibly without being understood, even) the idea that all music except rock exists only to rescue rock from its constant lapses into aesthetic moribundity. That's it. Jazz. R&B. Soul. Funk. Reggae. Dub. Disco. House. Techno. Rap. You know, all the real innovation, just fodder for white people with guitars. Rock is (an) Empire, and all the other genres are the colonies sending all of their raw materials to be processed into consumable goods.

Corny is a word used to describe incomprehensible desire.

Daft Punk is not a gateway drug but a gate.

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