VocADulary Pt.1

The first part in a probably-not-continuing series...

New-ish Nissan commercial:
"The only thing left to fear is your imagination"

I guess if you are an indie musician or a deep house producer, you have nothing to fear at all (rimshot).

Hulu classic:
"Which ad experience would you prefer?"

Whichever one involves good acid and Pink Floyd?

Ok. Not that funny. But the use of the word "experience" really gets me. Every time. I can go and read Thomas Frank for the 100th time and understand intellectually why that word being there is the culmination of years and years of social change and the integration of the counterculture into consumer culture, etc., but, like, I still don't get it. To be fair to everyone else in the world, I don't throw things at my computer when I hear it, so how can I expect you to do so as well?

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