Break Time

I've got to take a break from this (reading and writing). It's obvious that the quality is in decline here. I type what my brain is thinking, and as inelegant sentences run into paragraphs that don't know each other, so, too, have the workings of my brain lost focus and coherency. I have a headache from reading the same thing over and over again. In the end, I may quit this job I have just for the sake of not having to look at a computer. Nevermind how much it sucks otherwise.

I am not retreating into ignorance, saying "fuck politics" and focusing on my tan. Ignorance is not bliss, but after being so overwhelmed with information, with countless dissections of frogs in order to prove frogs frogs, and my additional commentary ("frogs are frogs!") I don't really feel smarter.

That powerful people do what is in their interest is no secret and no surprise. Sometimes I feel like even writing about it is to implicitly expect otherwise. That is not to say that nobody should. Powerful people usually maintain that power by pretending that their self-interest has something to do with everyone else's. This needs exposing. But still.

I wouldn't mind something to read though. If you feel like it, why not send me a comment with the name of a book that I wouldn't have thought to read otherwise. Themes to avoid:

Politics. The state. Anything that has do with Marx or his influence. Existential angst. Nihilism. Social theory and political philosophy. Music was better in the 1960s. Music was better in the 1970s. Music was better in the 1980s. Music was better in the 1990s. Music sucks in the 2000s. Film theory. Sorry to one person who may read this, but I never got into poetry. If you want to recommend some, it has to have the same effect as consuming six or eight beers in order to break through. Even Baudelaire barely registers with me. And it should, shouldn't it?!?!

Anyways, see you next year if I have the guts to cut myself off.


Richard said...

This is sort of an arbitrary recommendation, since I have no idea what kind of books you like that don't fit the proscribed categories, but allow me to suggest Slow Homecoming by Peter Handke. It's fiction, not too long, available in a nice new edition from NYRB, and beautiful.

:-p said...

I will try it.

I myself don't have an idea of what kind of books I like outside of those categories anymore, so arbitrary works quite well.

Thank You!