Why bother?

Weekends. Leisure for some I'm sure. All I know is that I am $400 poorer, with that $400 constituting half of all the money I had access to before that $400 was spent. Results:

$220 spent on repairs to turntable. Still broken. More work necessary. And I may need a new cartridge too. Of course, they don't make the kind of cartridge I use anymore. So, because I have two turntables and the output needs to match so I can record mixes, two new cartridges. Add $160 plus further labor on turntable TBD.

$150 spent on a bookshelf from "our favorite" shitty modernist furniture non-profit. Pieces missing and all the threading too fucked to even assemble the remaining parts. Since I don't own a car I had to spend $30 to get the damn thing here. So now what? Spend another $30 to get it back? If they were to take the return, I would be short $60 for no fucking reason. Alternately, I can get a new one and spend another $30 to get that one back here for a total of $90 spent on transporting $150 worth of fiberboard that I expect to last a year. $90 not a lot it's true (lucky you). But my landlord, the same one who is not repairing the broken lights in our kitchen and our hallway and who doesn't seem bothered by the fact that the fucked up radiator in my room is pushing enough steam out of the regulator to wash clothing with and also making my room 90 degrees because it cannot be turned off, won't be happy that I will have to pay rent late. So add $25.

Now my weekend is over. Back to my job tomorrow. Total time spent making music, reading and writing: one and a half hours. Bohemia rules.

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