Sad News

RIP John Olsson (via here)

This store was so intertwined with the first 25 years of my life (as customer and employee) that it is really hard to imagine that it doesn't exist. John provided something valuable that nobody provides anymore: a truly generalist independent store that, through the diversity of its offerings, was able to ensure each and every person who walked in, regardless of their education and experience, their next favorite book or record.

Thanks, John.


BDR said...

Which one did you work in? I had a good friend who worked at the warehouse on Parklawn in Rocketville, but he also sometimes did fill in work at Bethesda on Old Georgetown.

Thanks for the bump.

:-p said...

I worked at the Old Town location on and off for a few years. Good times. Best thing about working at a book and record store is that the other employees are the kind of people who think it is a good idea to work at one too. Don't think I'll ever have a job where the hardest thing I do all day is figure out which Blue Note to put on again.

No prob on bump. Don't feel compelled to return the favor until I dig up that disk with my ideas on it and reinstall to my brain.