Hey There

Not much to say. February was busy here, eh?
Been reading, yeah. Finished Retromania a while ago. Started Running The Voodoo Down. Not bad. Already know the music. Thought I might learn something new. I did. But the music itself is always more interesting. No ideas right now.

I ordered some good records last week. In no particular order:

Change "Mutual Attraction"

52nd Street "Tell Me"

Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way"

Chez Damier "Can You Feel It"

The Beloved "Sun Rising"

Marshall Jefferson "Open Our Eyes" (there's a better mix than this one that I would typically play but...)

Now I need more books. There's this thing I've been doing since I moved. All the old books are in a closet. I don't want to read the ones I have read before for a while because that is a crutch for me. I also don't want to look at all of the books I have owned for years and have never got around to because that pisses me off. So I am just getting new books and reading them immediately. Feels good.

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