At the risk of being even more "me too", as I always feel like I am whenever S or C have something mean to say about music, yeah I hate this shit.

This stuff has been around for a while now - I think some of it at least ties into the whole "Pet Sounds is the greatest album ever" feeling that seemed really prominent a decade/decade-and-a-half ago. I feel this stuff more akin to that than Beat Happening or Talulah Gosh. Beat Happening opened for Fugazi, you know?

Anyone who wants to truly have reason to hate can read this thread here at ilxor.

I didn't participate in it myself, but I think I would have described this music as such: Newlywed couple in Subaru with Obama 2012 bumper sticker is driving to Ikea to buy a Christmas Tree whilst wearing matching sweaters, silently listening to NPR still not quite disabused of the notion that people of the opposite sex have cooties.

When I hear this music, I imagine that the listeners have gone through some sort of incredibly intense childhood trauma and that they are living out the most intense form of repression that they possibly can.

But it probably isn't that. I think it more comes down to something Terry Eagleton wrote. He wrote something like: the world could best be divided into two groups; those who think everything is fine bar a few issues, and those who think everything is fucked bar a few good things. I think a lot of us who got into "underground" music partially due to belonging to the latter group are still not quite used to the fact that there are so many people part of the former group now turning all our childhood angst into something cute.

Anyways, I doubt many of you will be able to read the whole thread linked to above, so I will quote the best post I can remember.

Weingarten: "really makes me yearn for the days when indie meant this"

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