Not quite cold turkey

My computer at home is not working anymore. I am not going to fix it for a while in order to ensure that my time away from work is spent more efficiently. I am still going to waste my time at work, of course!

I guess I really haven't commented on current affairs in a while. Suffice it to say:

Japan - It's a tragedy. I'm glad to see that the people I don't know but whose blogs I read are doing well but that I have not had to suffer a moment of sadness is obviously no consolation for anyone, including myself.

Nuclear power - At the risk of seeming to view this problem purely from the perspective of money - as any vintage synth enthusiast can tell you, don't buy something if you can't afford to fix it. Doesn't matter if it works 99% of the time.

Libya - Well I guess some people are happy. As for me, I am too conscious of the larger pattern to feel excited in any way. If life gets better for the people of Libya, the majority of them; if Western bombings somehow lead to the worker's paradise, good for them, really. Still, it's the same shit here, innit? President in hating constitution shocker. Just war, etc. Just war, Inc.

Anyways, I've put up another poll. I appreciate your vote.


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