Segregation in Cities

Article here.

I'm surprised that DC did not make this list. And I didn't even feel surprised until I reached the end. I shudder to think of what it is like in the cities that did make the list. I live in one of them, yes, but, as the article mentions, New York is a little different due to density. And Brooklyn even more so. Except for Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights. Fuck those places.

But DC... I have spent a total of weeks, maybe even months, sitting at L'Enfant waiting for the Yellow Line train to Huntington (Virginia). And for the years after the Green Line was built but before the appearance of screens displaying the arrival times of the next few trains, the easiest way to tell whether the next train coming was a Yellow or not was... the color of the skin of the majority of the people on the platform. That there are worse places... sad.

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