Tide You Over

Some good stuff here. [2021 link updated to transcript as video no longer easy to access]

I am going to refrain form commenting now but instead add ideas to the massive forthcoming post on Obama I am still working on.


I Was Looking For A Job And Then...

(A ramble not bad enough to delete, not good enough to finish...)

Whenever I hear someone say that downturns in economic cycles are signs of the weakness of capitalism I want to throw up. Isn't this the precise moment of its enduring dominance? Its absolute mastery over the lives of many? These downturns are not signs of an aging system, but almost its rebirth instead. These tantrums are more akin to those of toddlers who need to act selfishly, self-destructively, in order to reign in the independence of their parents. 

In the same way that those who work for the least amount set the value of labor, those who are the most "creative" in their pursuit for more work set the level of expectation. Numerous trite articles not even worth linking to on various "news" websites tell me the extremes to which I must go. No longer is my humble resume appropriate. I must ask myself, where is my Flash-based website? Where can I get an amusing costume to wear while standing on the side of the road imploring employment? And will this costume keep me warm? Even on that aforementioned resume, the simple "objective" section must be replaced with a wishy-washy paragraph about career and life goals, about my spiritual belief in selling my labor for the enrichment of others. Even managers are getting in on the act. Competing, as I am now, with 50 or so people every time I attempt to have the simple opportunity of standing behind a piece of wood, making drinks for people, and charging them, it is not enough that I am there, ready and willing to work. The obviousness of the transaction must be obscured. Instead, I must talk in terms of growth, in terms of the holiness of the bar, and my willingness to participate in the spiritual enrichment of my clients (who are not drunks...)...

Isn't It " ' " ' " ' "Ironic" ' " ' " ' "?!|~

My lack of employment was at first what allowed me to finally write again and now it is what is preventing me from writing with a clear head. I have a few essays halfway done and I will hopefully post one relatively soon. 

Thanks for reading thus far!