Good Songs Ruined By Good Movies

1. Born Slippy/NUXX - I don't think I would actually play this out even without the movie connection - it's just not "my" Underworld track and never has been.

2. Goodbye Horses - Jonathan Demme owes me an apology (not really - I heard this first in the damn movie too). Nice, dark, track that still sounds a lot more like what I always wanted Goth to sound like than Goth ever did. I wonder if it really is too late or if constant play at a weekly residency might reclaim it for some moody, druggy, subterranean dancefloor somewhere. It may help if somehow Silence of the Lambs becomes a cult movie. People aged 21 were zero or one when the film came out. Fuck! Getting older is going to be interesting!

Forgive me: I'd play this. I'd play this hard. See, even I can't help it!

3. Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix) - Another one form Trainspotting. It may help that this was a huge record before the film came out. I might get a copy.

4. I can't think of more now, but I'm sure you can. Post your comments and I'll add your choices.

Nostalgia is Internet

So, as some/all of you know, The Rapture has released a new single from their upcoming album. I like it. It does feel weird, though. They have released music for thirteen years now. And listening to this, I honestly feel a bit of nostalgia for the early 2000s. Yes, the period can now be seen as the beginning of the "retromania" era, but, perhaps because the Internet was not quite as overused now, or because copying the past so directly was newer, providing bands the opportunity to borrow from more obvious sources, even precedented music somehow felt a little newer. Or rather, the contours of an era where the past would be an object of obsession hadn't been mapped out yet. Still feel a bit dirty typing this, though. I was younger then, yes. I thought I was disillusioned, though! Oh, I had no idea! Music:




I don't understand that old argument "you didn't vote so you don't get to have an opinion!" I don't vote because I have an opinion.

I think people think of voting too much like buying. It would be pretty bad form to walk into someone else's house and say it was ugly, or to get into someone's car and say it smells. Perhaps people think of "their" politician in the same way.

Alternately, some people, formerly including myself, may see the whole thing as a tug of war. "If you aren't pulling your weight on one side of the pit, how can you stand there and tell me I'm wasting my time?" Of course, once you figure out that you don't get any cookies if you win..

EDIT: ... Even more...

If politicians can put their hand on the stove and not get burned, why should they stop?



One of my favorite voices.


Small Hola

Belatedly, I am here to say something nice.

Disaster Notes has kicked ass ever since its inception and I think the slightly broader themes engaged with there versus the author's old blog has improved the consistency of the writing.

At some point I may take a stab at writing something more substantive regarding this post, but, for now, just read it and take it as an invitation to examine your own relations with other people. I know I need to.
I know mine have suffered recently. In the same way that the economic crisis has not resulted in a new creativiy in music, it has not resulted in a new solidarity in relations. How many people do I know who are intelligent, broke, hopeless and alienated? When I get together with them, when they get together with each other, at best, commiseration. It doesn't help that we are correct in our dim view of the present and severely outnumbered! I oscillate between acquiescence and escapism. But there's enough of us out there to try other things. To build or destroy. Subvert. Prank.

I don't want to sit and talk about sadness in half-empty bars. Let's go to the bottle service clubs and chain clothing shops and gastro-pubs and the soulless cafes where nobody talks to each other and return our miseries to the senders.