...blue plaque above the place where I first heard "I Spy"...

So excited. Yeah I spent too much money on the ticket and ended up not getting a second one for a friend TBD but, you know, I have been waiting on this for a long time now, and I don't think anyone I know personally who currently lives in America, never mind New York, has been. In that respect, not much has changed in my life in the last 16 years or so.

I still remember seeing the posters in Olsson's way back when for the tour of America Pulp embarked upon after the release of Different Class. I remember feeling so daunted - how would I get there? Who would take me? I was young, mind. I never went.

It's funny to know now that Jarvis was into hard drugs at the time (or maybe a bit later?) as his was one of the first interviews I read that stood out for being about ideas instead of excess. That mattered to teenage me. Pulp was one of the first bands I encountered, even with the sexualized lyrics, whose vision of cool didn't seem to disinclude the bookish, the straight-edge, the friendless, the real freaks, not those who became millionaires playing freaks on TV.

Will I meet you there? Will something change?


I am not an "adult"

Pragmatism is the valuation of the body above the soul.

Past 20,000 Views...

... and temporarily in neutral. Maybe this will help:

Your thoughts? Feelings? Especially if you haven't left any before.

It's not navel-gazing. I am looking out and seeing a void. Fill it below.



I Love Corporate

I sometimes fixate on chain restaurants. Living in the world capital of boutique utopia, I've come to experience most places I go not as the opposite of "themed" restaurants like Planet Hollywood but rather much more finely-tuned versions of the same. The difference being that the aggressive "theme-ing" of Brooklyn restaurants is based in exclusion, whereas corporate themes are always inclusive.

I dream of West New York... New Jersey.

(I know I repeat myself I know)


High School Poem (ca 1996)

Love like longing,
laughter lost.
Oasis of oblivion;
obtuse obsession.
Vain, valiant valentine.
Voluntarily vexed.
Embark elongated embarrassment -
expected: elation.