Apparently, there is a band called HAIM.

I guess I've been reading about them for a while but now I am trying to listen and figure them out. Why do people like them? Why do critics like them? Why are they considered indie?

This is how I picture their average listeners, based on the music (I'm not being a snob, either - I am jealous of this person's life).

My name is Jamie. I am male or female, it doesn't matter. I really love living in America and I am a little sad that I haven't gotten married yet as I am in my late twenties and it's time for that sort of thing. I do have a nice condo in the suburbs. It's not that fancy, but then again, I have only worked at my job for five years. I hope to get a raise soon, especially as my diligence these past few months has helped my company hit our quarterly sales targets.

I remember when I first started at my job. The economy was in bad shape and I was nervous at my interview. My boss seemed reluctant to hire someone new and yet he did have an employee leaving and the position had to be filled. We talked a bit over the state of the economy and our mutual concern that Obama was too liberal to ever really meet the needs of average Americans like ourselves. I wonder if my willingness to discuss such matters so openly helped me win the job. Sometimes it's worth risking having an opinion.

Regardless, the job was mine and I was finally able to move out of the apartment I shared with my friends from college and into a place of my own. I also sold the old beat-up car I was driving in favor of something newer, safer and more practical. Initially, I considered moving towards the center of the city, but I realized it was sort of pointless, and really expensive. Everything I need is out here in the suburbs, and it's also where my job is located. It's true, I don't always like being in the car, but the new mall in my area is an outdoor one, and is designed to look and feel like a downtown. I can park in the garage, stretch my legs, grab some lunch, do some shopping, and then meet up with my friends for a few drinks and snacks in the afternoon. That's usually what I do on Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for cleaning and the gym.

When it's warm I go walking in the small wetlands area that is part of the development in which I live. Preserving this bit of nature was part of the deal the developers of the project and the county worked out before construction could begin (my condo is only a decade old!). I'm glad I have access to it. It's great for pets. I may get a dog soon, but I am not sure which breed to get. I like bigger dogs but they need more exercise and I work late and worry that it wouldn't be fair to the dog to be stuck at home all day. I know I am good with animals, though. My neighbors John and Christine have a husky that I take care of when they are out of town. I really enjoy helping them out and playing fetch with the dog, Jake.

I like music. I mostly just listen to the radio. There are two stations that I listen to. One station features electronic-sounding dance music like Katy Perry. I like to listen to that one on the weekends and when I am working out (besides Sundays I also go to the gym after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays). The other features rock and pop that is really catchy, stuff like Maroon 5. Last Friday, I had the latter station on when I was driving to Applebees to meet up with some of my coworkers to celebrate hitting those targets I mentioned before. I usually listen to the dance station on Fridays, but I was giving the secretary, Alice, a ride (her car was being repaired) and she wasn't in the mood to listen to something too crazy.

Twenty minutes into the drive, we got stuck in traffic. It was a bit of a bummer, as we were both really anxious to get to our destination. Alice was also feeling sad because the repairs on her car were going to be more expensive than she had expected and she was going to have to postpone the trip to Florida that she had been saving for since her divorce. I was sad for her and also feeling a little lonely. I should have been in a better mood (after all, we were going out!), but the radio played a song by Train that reminded me of someone I was in a relationship with a few years ago.

The Train song ended and the advertisements reminded me that Christmas was coming soon - time to start thinking about presents for Mom and Dad and my sister Anne and brother Robert. I was looking forward to going home for Christmas, and I could feel my mood starting to turn. Then, as if by some miracle, the traffic started to move and a great new song came on the radio. It was a positive song with a good message about not giving up and it really inspired me. Later I found out it was a song called "Falling" by a group called Haim (I had to Google the spelling).

It's funny. I don't usually like "indy" music. It mostly seems like it is made for people who don't have jobs and who want to try and be weirder than everybody else. I don't get it. But Haim is something different. Every time a new song of theirs comes on the radio, I get excited. The songs are all easy to listen to and have good messages and they sound like they were made by, well, I guess it's weird to say it like this, but all the songs sound like they were made by healthy people for healthy people.

I guess that's why I usually don't like "indy" stuff, when it comes down to it. Sure, we all have our rough days, but why complain so much? Why try so hard to be different, to not fit in? You'll never get anywhere with that attitude. It's like "indy" people are trying to fail and then get sad when they do. And what is really wrong anyways? Nothing as far as I can tell. And I think Haim agrees.

I miss the future

I was almost tempted to start playing video games again, though it's sad to see, after a quick browse, that there really haven't been too many releases set in the future, and nothing has come along to beat Deus Ex at it's own game (no pun intended) except for maybe the sequel… blah blah blah...

Was going to write more, but what to say? What happened to cyberpunk? When did the internet start to suck? You've heard it all before….

Here's a piece of music:


I don't blame Youtube

I blame Philadelphia for many, many, many lost hours sitting at the computer. Philly soul might be my favorite music and also the most under-represented sound in my collection of records. I've reached that point as a record buyer where I walk into a store looking for the records I can't find easily, not the records I want the most. It makes sense, but it's stupid. How many Stylistics records have I not bought? In favor of what? Well, lots of other good records, but: damn.

Here's two of a thousand:


When She Comes

Fucking masterpiece.



Man I'm fucking up. Hope it's entertaining at least. Love you all.


Retro Again

Little thought:

In the postindustrial economy, college plays the same role as the factory or the corporation did in the industrial economy in the sense that it disciplines behavior across time. But whereas the disciplines of the previous era was based on the future, i.e. work this hard, produce this much, and you will get a raise, the discipline of the school, or rather, the debt incurred by education, is one based on the past - possible futures are conditioned and or eliminated instead of created. Working to pay as opposed to get paid, undoing instead of building.