I Guess Newtown Wasn't Enough

Kids die all the time anyways, don't they?

Here's a controversial thought. It's long been a trope of those who speak for disadvantaged people of color living in major cities that people, in general, only give a shit when young white kids get killed. Well, not really. Indifference and inaction seem different, and they are, but they both end in the same way.

Oh, and yeah, I know government legislation won't fix anything at the most fundamental level, or even at all, but damn, we can't even do this?

I drank too much last night


Gonna leave that last one up anyways though.

I guess one can really discover what they care about at times like that.

As for me, the answer is:



That Neneh Cherry record is sick! Not the best ever, though. Just tied for first with another 1,000 or so songs I will never get sick of.

How you?
How's things?

Dishonesty is what's intriguing...

... , and dishonesty is what keeps me erect.

You realize, of course, that we are just weird animals, right? And that is it! Really! You can look down on religion, I know, of course, why! But, why? Don't you see? I think it's perfectly rational to try and find an understanding. We exist. Why?

I mean, I am typing this on a 2007 iMac. And you know what I mean! 2007! iMac! Pretty amazing! Miraculous. It's not that I believe in god. It's just. Why so much hate for those who do?  Because this is pretty weird, isn't it? What I hate about atheists is that they seem to think that the fact that it all makes no sense is just as sensical as the fact that it does. I mean, really? Like, we can talk about evolution and Darwin and all of that, but I am typing this and you are reading this!

I understand why the idea of telos is so anathema, but I also understand why it is so necessary. We crawled out of the mire for something, right? Not to blow eacb other up, I assume. Big assumption, yes. But not a bad one, really. Amazing that we do, really!

And, as one blip of nothing communicating with others, I must declare the following:

Here, really, after years of The Wire and Spin and Rolling Stone and Bangs and Adorno and Benjamin and Marx and Eagleton and Jameson and slow, patient masturbation, is the best, BEST, record ever made! 'Ere it Iz! REAL-Y!:::::::

Surprised? Me too, really! But! But! There is a doughnut shop in Virginia a few miles outside of DC and I can think of it, I can want to be there, I can wish that I was given a ride there because I never lived within walking distance of it. But it exists! And I can't go there now! What? Really, what? Why not? What are doughnuts and the car that would bring me to them and Virginia? Hmmmmmmm? Fuck! Fuck? Why? Fuck! What is fuck?


Hey There

Not much to say. February was busy here, eh?
Been reading, yeah. Finished Retromania a while ago. Started Running The Voodoo Down. Not bad. Already know the music. Thought I might learn something new. I did. But the music itself is always more interesting. No ideas right now.

I ordered some good records last week. In no particular order:

Change "Mutual Attraction"

52nd Street "Tell Me"

Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way"

Chez Damier "Can You Feel It"

The Beloved "Sun Rising"

Marshall Jefferson "Open Our Eyes" (there's a better mix than this one that I would typically play but...)

Now I need more books. There's this thing I've been doing since I moved. All the old books are in a closet. I don't want to read the ones I have read before for a while because that is a crutch for me. I also don't want to look at all of the books I have owned for years and have never got around to because that pisses me off. So I am just getting new books and reading them immediately. Feels good.