Night "Life"

Of the 34 hours since I left work Friday evening, I have spent 8 at home and the rest out.
1. Female - any girl who asks me what I do for a living - I just assume the worst. It's amazing, when you think about it, how underdeveloped the social skills of socially-popular attractive girls can be.
2. Male - there are times when it is appropriate to display your fondness for freestyle rap - but I have yet to be a party to them. So please shut up.

That's less than all...


OWS Personal Prelude

I haven't gone yet. I will. I had started a post (a nice long one for a change) about my concerns. But, really, can anything I write have any significance without first-hand experience? I don't believe so. I do just want to throw this one thought out though, based on my experience with this site.

While there are certainly a lot of truly tragic stories, many of these people seem to be angry that they no longer have the opportunity to become cogs in a machine that has always treated and will continue to treat people as they are now being treated. Do they resent the existence of an island of suffering, or are they mad they were denied entry to the last boat leaving it?