Strep throat and ear infections... reminds me of being a kid... though I have had to provide my own comfort food of course.

Mark @ K-Punk with some good stuff...

All this "miltant dysphoria" talk makes depression seem so much more interesting than it really is. I feel like there is some sort of Hipster Runoff-style entry that needs to be written about the ease in which this mindset can be valorized by people who don't have the soul-crushing dayjobs that make theory into luxury. Also, without having gotten my hands on Cold World yet, I do wonder how class and the whole logic of partying hard on the weekend to make up for the week's drudgery will be addressed. I guess I need to go out and spend some money on something besides alcohol and records this weekend.

For the working writer, a few gifts:
Planning a nostalgic article on classic chill-out music? Or how about another article lamenting the death of dance music in America? Your title search is over! "Beat Not Happening".

How about the millionth article on the stratification of all genres? I give you... "I Want Your Sects".

Have a good weekend.


Hauntologics (Detroit RMX)


Something To Follow


No long diatribe forthcoming. Suffice it to say I am against capital punishment, and for all the usual moral/ethical reasons. Probably no surprise to you. The admission that an innocent man might have been executed might finally be the catalyst for more prominent discussions of this important issue, and might provide our President with an excuse to intervene in this matter. But I won't get my hopes up.