The implications of the development of this kind of technology are not even fathomable, but, for now, just enjoy.




Two questions though.

Why is it that everyone in the world seems desperate to force every single new piece of information they receive into their preconceived notions so that no bit of new information could alter those notions?

Not quite unrelated, but different.

Why is it that almost every single journalist who has a question for President Trump seems to act under the pretense that they are the most courageous cast member in an episode (not my sic, theirs) of All The President's Men while simultaneously asking the dumbest, most-leading, and most-manipulative questions they can possibly come up with? 

So many of them come off like people who are trying to be bullies, who are failing at their attempt and who expect sympathy for their failure.

Every time one of those assholes raises their hand, I hear their interior monologue as "book deal, book deal, big advance".

They seem to be trying to bait him into saying something stupid or wrong for the sake of their own egos, all under the guise of public service, which is to say, they seem to have the same dedication to actual public service as he does, only with less self-awareness* or more mendacity. Tedious, tedious.

That's all for now. Hope all my reader(s) are staying safe and sane.

*Though this is wrong, the acting is obvious, bad, but they know what they are up to.

Oh, and more beautiful music for everyone!