(sorry for delay on forthcoming big essays to the handful of you patiently waiting)

I was going to write some sort of moralizing post about how the reflexive desire for obscure records might lead the more superficial collectors out there to miss some great music, but instead, here is a series of words and pictures.

If you like


dont let

obscure the fact that

is a masterpiece of jazz/fusion/psych.

Cant find?

Enjoy the more tightly-controlled and somewhat/sometimes more serene

with a great cover of "A Love Supereme" (featuring amazing simultaneous guitar work [did I just write that?]), or

which I "borrowed" from my Mom many years ago (warning: "hippy vocals" and sentiments).


RoC 4: Could It Be?

(Found this in the archives of unfinished work. I don't necessarily agree. Just wanted to show you. This is what happens when I drink or smoke too much alone.)
That the entire history of human existence could be jealousy? After all, it is all pointless. The divide between the great "unwashed masses" and "us" could simply be the difference between acknowledging that there, is, is in fact, no point to human existence, and not knowing?